Influences of Different Moisture Sources on δD and δ18O in Precipitation in Changsha, Hunan Province

  • 1. College of Resources and Environment Sciences, Hunan Normal University, Changsha 410081, China;
    2. School of Environment, National Centre for Groundwater Research and Training, Finders University, Adelaide 5001, AL, Australia

Received date: 2011-08-14

  Revised date: 2011-12-08

  Online published: 2012-08-20


Based on the collected precipitation samples and observed meteorological data during 2010 in Changsha, we analyzed the relation between δ18O in precipitation and temperature and precipitation amount, revealing the variations characteristic of δD and δ18O in precipitation, and discussed the influence of moisture transport on the variations of δ18O in precipitation. The results indicated that under the synoptic timescales, there was significant negative correlation between δ18O in precipitation and precipitation amount and temperature in Changsha. That is, the variations of δ18O in precipitation had significant precipitation amount effects and anti-temperature effects. We analyzed the snow samples and rain samples in Changsha by the linear regression, and obtained that the meteoric water line of large precipitation events and snowfall had large slope and interception.With the decrease in rainfall, the slope and interception of the meteoric water line also gradually decreased. It was mainly due to secondary evaporation that resulted in isotopic fractionation of light rainfall. We tracked the trajectory of air flow by HYSPLIT mode in Changsha and found that the moisture sources of the lower value of δ18O mainly came from the Bay of Bengal, the South China Sea and Western Pacific region in the monsoon rainfall(May-September); the moisture sources of the higher value of δ18O mainly came from moisture carried by the westerly wind belt and the local water vapor circulation during non-monsoon rainfall (October-April).

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WU Hua-wu, ZHANG Xin-ping, GUAN Hua-de, SUN Guang-lu, HUANG Yi-min, ZHANG Ting-ting . Influences of Different Moisture Sources on δD and δ18O in Precipitation in Changsha, Hunan Province[J]. JOURNAL OF NATURAL RESOURCES, 2012 , 27(8) : 1404 -1414 . DOI: 10.11849/zrzyxb.2012.08.014


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