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Characteristics of groundwater resources and water environmental problems in Anhui Province

  • Department of Resource and Environment Sciences,Hefei University of Technology,Hefei230009,China

Received date: 2001-07-27

  Revised date: 2001-11-17

  Online published: 2002-04-25


This paper sketches the natural condition and spatio-temporal distribution of water re-sources of Anhui Province,especially,the distribution characteristics and current situation of groundwater exploitation and utilization.With regard to water resources,surface water predomi-nates in area to the south of Huaihe River(Huainan)but is equal to groundwater in volume in the area to the north of Huaihe River(Huaibei).Water resources in Anhui province are inadequate and are unevenly distributed in time,so such natural disasters as flood and drought happen fre-quently along with various kinds of geologic disasters due to concentration in precipitation.Meanwhile water resources are also unevenly distributed in space.There are abundant water re-sources in mountain area where population is less,however,water resources are short in Huaibei area where population is large with sufficient cultivated land.These distribution characteristics and the water pollution aggravate the contradiction of water use.This article discusses the role of human engineering projects and economic activities to the transformation of natural water bodies and the environment geological problems caused by the irrational exploitation of groundwater re-sources.In some cities such as Fuyang,Jieshou,Huaibei,etc.,excessive mining of groundwater causes regional descent of groundwater level and land subsidence.In some mining areas such as Lianghuia and Tongling,sewer drainage for mining and karstic water exploitation caused ground-water depletion,water resources pollution and karst cave and karstic earthen cave collapse.In the area to the north of the Jieshou-Lixin-Guzhen line,the endemic dental fluorosis and dental caries are common due to regional high fluorine contained water distribution.In mountain area and Southern Anhui ,endemic goiter is popular because the intensively cut topography provides good conditions for groundwater discharge,leading to lower iodine content in groundwater.Regional wa-ter shortage is witnessed in the Changjiang River-Huaihe River Dividing Area and the Huaibei Area.Water resources deficit,serious water pollution and other water related environmental prob-lems seriously damage the ecological environment.These problems seriously restrict the sustain-able development of economy,society and environment of Anhui Province.Wa ter is the most ac-tive element of environment,and its most important characteristic in water cycle is repeated us-age and satisfies the need of ecological balance.The macro global hydrologic cycle unites,the en-vironments of all countries throughout the world to a whole,and regional micro hydrologic cycle connects the intrabasins or regional environments.Therefore,in order to realize sustainable devel-opment of water resources,it is necessary to build a man-land harmonious environment for human living by taking synthetic utilization and management of water resources and water environmental protection as a whole.

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WANG Guo-qiang, LI Ying-xia, WU Dao-xiang, GE Xiao-guang, LIU Yang, YE Chao-han . Characteristics of groundwater resources and water environmental problems in Anhui Province[J]. JOURNAL OF NATURAL RESOURCES, 2002 , 17(2) : 234 -239 . DOI: 10.11849/zrzyxb.2002.02.017