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Interception of PAR,relationship between FPAR and LAI in summer maize canopy

  • Department of Geography,Beijing Normal University,Beijing Key Lab.for Remote Sensing of Environment and Digital Cities,Beijing100875,China

Received date: 2001-05-18

  Revised date: 2001-06-25

  Online published: 2002-02-25


On the basis of an observation to summer maize canopy PAR during growing period at Luancheng,Hebei,the incident PAR,the reflective PAR of the canopy,the PAR reached the land surface through canopy,the reflective PAR of the land surface,the reflectance of land surface,the Absorbed Photosynthetically Active Radiation(APAR)and the reflectance diurnal change of the canopy and land surface under clear and cloudy conditions respectively were stud-ied in this paper.Also,the FPAR at an interval of five minutes and the average value of a day were calculated according to each PAR components in canopy.Then the relationship between daily variation of FPAR and crop growth periods as well as the variation of LAI were examined and a linear relationship between FPAR and LAI was presented.

Key words: summer maize; canopy; PAR; FPAR; LA I

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ZHOU Xiao-dong, ZHU Qi-jiang, WANG Jin-di, SUN Rui, CHEN Xue, WU Men-xin . Interception of PAR,relationship between FPAR and LAI in summer maize canopy[J]. JOURNAL OF NATURAL RESOURCES, 2002 , 17(1) : 110 -116 . DOI: 10.11849/zrzyxb.2002.01.016