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  • 1. Department of Geography, Hunan Normal University;
    2. Department of Geography, Xiangtan Normal College

Online published: 1994-06-25


Research on tourist land evaluation and development is an important basic work when tourist planning and tourist development policy are made. On the basis of landscaperesource value, landscape-site abundance, landscape-site density, environmental quality, tourist condition,scale volume and location condition, this paper has evaluated the tourist land in Hainan province by using a comprehensive index method. Three potential grades,eleven landscape-resource groups and three function types are divided. The area of grade Ⅰ,accounting for 36.7% of the whole tourist land, is The largest, the area of grade Ⅲ ranks second, accounting for 34.9%.Because the tourist land in Hainan province is so rich that tourist land resource shortage cannot appear in a long period, this paper lays stress on the forecast of the demand for tourist land when the supply and demand forecast of tourist land is made. The forecast is made by using the visitor market and the once volume of tourist land in accordance with the following formulation, S= A·Dit/R where S is the demand for tourist land, Dit is the once volume of different groups of tourist land, R is the average frequency of receiving visitors per day, and A is the maximum amount of visitors of different groups of tourist land per day.On the basis of the evaluation of tourist land and the forecast of the demand for tourist land in the future, this paper propose that the development of tourist land should lay emphasis on the development of tropical seaside beaches, islands and tropical organism landscape, e.g.,the Yalong Bay of Sanya municipality, the Gaolong Bay and the Tonggu Ridge of Wenchang county, the Nanwan Monkey Island of Lingshui county and the Wuzhi Mountain of Tongshi county. At the same time, the development of historical relic gardens,national customs,rivers, lakes, reservoirs, tropical plantations, hot springs waterfall landscape cannot be ignored. The developmental goal of tourist land is to make Hainan province become one of the international tourist spots that have diverse functions, obvious regional features and beautiful environment. To realize the goal, various effective measures should be taken. Firstly, the development mechanism of tourist land should be perfected. Secondly,the dominant types of tourist land should be carefully chosen so as to do macro-regulation well. Thirdly,the ecological construction of tourist land should be strengthened so as to create a beautiful environment.Finally,the research on the follow-up evaluation of tourist land should be made.

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Cheng Weimin, Xie Binggeng, Li Xiaoqing, Yang Youxiao . A RESEARCH ON THE EVALUATION AND DEVELOPMENT OF TOURIST LAND IN HAINAN PROVINCE[J]. JOURNAL OF NATURAL RESOURCES, 1994 , 9(2) : 131 -141 . DOI: 10.11849/zrzyxb.1994.02.005