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    Special Column:Celebration of the 70th Anniversary of IGSNRR, CAS
    On renewal of idea,model and legislation of rural communities
    CHEN Bai ming
    2000, 15 (2):  101-106.  doi: 10.11849/zrzyxb.2000.02.001
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    This paper commented the connotation of renewal of rural community,explained three stages of the idea on renewal of rural community in the progress from the traditional development to sustainable development,proposed that the implementation of sustainable development strategy is the powerful driving forces of renewal of rural community.The author proposed four basic principles about renewal of rural community,and summed up models of two types (hard renewal and soft renewal)as well four kinds (internal renewal and location renewal,sense renewal and act re newal).The author still emphasized the priorities in renewal of rural community at present,including protection of landscape in rural community and the setting up of emigrant settlement.Finally,the paper proposed the legislation of renewal of rural community,including legislative principle,administrative target,goal and content of legislation,and legislative pattern and framework.
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    Approach to incentive mechanisms of sustainable utilization of resources
    CHEN An ning
    2000, 15 (2):  107-111.  doi: 10.11849/zrzyxb.2000.02.002
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    Viewing from the ethics and economy,the paper expounds the values of sustainable utilization of resources, analyzes two intrinsic contradictions (lack of po wer constraint in resources allocation between generations and “free ride”in input of sustainable utilization of resources)for executing the sustainable utilization of resources,and discusses the incentive mechanisms and ethics constraints of sustainable utilization of resources by the methods of theory of games and theory of social contract.There are two kinds of incentive mechanisms: explicit(e.g.incentive wage) and implicit (e.g.promotion).In distinct situations,we need different incentive mechanisms to execute sustainable utilization of resources.
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    Analysis on land use dynamics of Shenzhen
    BAI Wan qi
    2000, 15 (2):  112-116.  doi: 10.11849/zrzyxb.2000.02.003
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    Based on analysis on land use change and driving forces in Shenzhen,this paper divided urban land into industrial land,residential land and service land,and put them in the same framework with arable land and major driving forces,namely industrial investment,population growth,income level and water availability.And then the method of system dynamics was used to quantitatively describe their dynamic relationships.The basic result of system dynamics simulation shows that the long term trend of urban land change is a“S shaped" curve,and the fastest period is between 1980 and 2030.After a relatively long time fluctuation,the proportions of industrial land,residential land and service land in urban land use will become stable from 2020.Arable land has been decreasing continuously and will finally disappear.
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    Multifactor spatial analysis for land use transformation planning
    CHEN Chongcheng, TU Ping, HUANG Xuan, LI Jun
    2000, 15 (2):  117-122.  doi: 10.11849/zrzyxb.2000.02.004
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    A land suitability assessment and land use control decision making support system used as a spatial analysis tool to Fuqing City was developed based on GIS which was an integration of comprehensive index model with parcel compactness model through creating geospatial database for land use distribution and land suitabi lity controlling factors. After multifactor spatial analysis on land suitability has been operated and land use suitabilities under the conditions of objective land uses of interest (especially for pan agricultural landuse such as cultivated land,forestry,orchard) have been simulated,the unique objective land use planning was proposed associated with current land use pattern in Fuqing;and the optimal multi objective land use planning scenario was presented through comprehensive comparison analysis on land use multi utilities. It was concluded that there is no more potential land in Fuqing for arable land,but about 340,100 and 50,000 acres are left for new forest and new orchard which can provide numerical parameters for creation of land use transformation and overall planning.
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    Research on indicator of utilization ratio of non-renewable resources
    TONG Chuan
    2000, 15 (2):  123-127.  doi: 10.11849/zrzyxb.2000.02.005
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    The utilization ratio of non renewable resources is an important measurement for sustainable development.The indicator used to measure the utilization ratio of non renewable resources is built,i.e.,non renewable resource consumption in industrial economy/value of industrial output.Taking weight and emergy as measuring unit,the value of this indicator in China was calculated.
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    Research on solutions to domestic solid waste in cities of China
    WANG Weiping
    2000, 15 (2):  128-132.  doi: 10.11849/zrzyxb.2000.02.007
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    Municipal Domestic Solid Waste problem is a global concern.It puts great challenges to cities all over the world.China's cities are facing the same problem.Both the central and local government attaches great importance to it.Waste problem is attracting great social awareness as well.Solutions to and management structure of the current solid waste problems are not compatible with the situation and must be adjusted.Referring to overseas experience,this thesis proposes adjustment scheme for solution to domestic solid wastes in China's cities.
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    Effect of harvesting and cleaning on nutrition in Chinese fir plantation
    YANG Yusheng, CHEN Guangshui, XIE Jinsheng, YU Xintuo
    2000, 15 (2):  133-137.  doi: 10.11849/zrzyxb.2000.02.008
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    The trasferrence of nutrient elements caused by three different harvesting systems of complete tree harvesting,whole tree harvesting and conventional harves ting under the third rotational stand of Chinese fir were compared in this paper.The result indicated that the loss of nutrient elements due to complete tree and whole tree harvesting was 1 99 and 1 64 times that of due to conventional harvesting,respectively.Slash burning resulted in great loss of N and P2O5 in forest ecosystem.The loss of N and P2O5 from stands due to adopting conventional silvicultural system (harvesting and following burning) was both higher than that of whole tree and complete tree harvesting without burning.Thus,shortening rotation length may cause serious deficiency of site N and P2O5 on site.Complete tree and whole tree harvesting can cause substantial base ion removal from the stand and resulted in seriously soil acidification.
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    Study on change of soil potassium resources in Henan Province
    LI Guibao,YIN Chengqing,SUN Kegang,JIAO You,BAI Legao
    2000, 15 (2):  138-142.  doi: 10.11849/zrzyxb.2000.02.009
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    Soil total potassium,readily available potassium and slow release potassium were determined by analyzing 1130 soil samples taken recently and were compared with the determinations of the National Second Soil Survey during 1985.Results showed that soil available potassium content was 102 6mg/kg,an annual average decrease by 3 04mg/kg;the average content of slow release potassium was 863mg/kg,ranging from 177 5mg/kg to 2553mg/kg; the average content of total potassium was 17 2g/kg,decrease by 10 4%,ranging from 16 9% for Shajiang black soil to 0 5% for cinnamon soil.
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    On potential yield increase of dryland winter wheat on the loess tableland
    HUANG Mingbin, LI Yushan
    2000, 15 (2):  143-148.  doi: 10.11849/zrzyxb.2000.02.010
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    The grain yield of dryland crops had been increased extensively on loess tableland after adopting new agricultural technologies which were introduced during the Seventh and Eighth Five Year Plan periods.But during the Ninth Five Year Plan,the grain yield still fluctuated around the previous level.So both government and farmers are very concerned about the potential yield increase,especially yield of winter wheat,and how to do.Based on data obtained from long term yield potential and fertility experiments in situ,the model for calculating sunlight temperature water fertility yield of dryland winter wheat was established,and the potential yield increase was also analyzed from four yield levels.They are sunlight temperature yield productivity,sunlight temperature water yield potential,sunlight temperature water fertility yield and the present yield on experimental plot.The results indicated that the present yield of winter wheat on loess tableland region only reached 41.6% of the sunlight temperature yield productivity,49 3% of the sunlight temperature water yield potential and 78.6% of the sunlight temperature water fertility yield.At last we believe that the yield of winter wheat on loess tableland region can continuously increase and reach a new higher level by means of reasonably increasing soil fertility and better field management.
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    Impacts of climate on wheat yield and their changes in Henan Province
    QIAN Huaisui,WEI Donglan
    2000, 15 (2):  149-154.  doi: 10.11849/zrzyxb.2000.02.011
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    The climatic impacts on wheat yield and their transitivity are very obvious in Henan Province which is crossed by the transitional zone between the subtropical and temperate zone.This paper extracts the weather yield data from yield time series using the orthogonal polynomial method and analyses the impacts of climatic change on wheat yields by the integral regression method.On the basis of the above work,according to the regional distribution of the total affecting coefficients and their ranges of precipitation,temperature and sunshine duration,firstly it divides Henan Province into 4 affecting regions of precipitation,4 affecting regions of temperature and 5 affecting regions of sunshine duration respectively; secondly,using the method of running integral regression,it analyses the changes of climatic impacts on the wheat yields in the subtropical and temperate zones respectively; and finally,it discusses the possible impacts of the future climate changes on the wheat yields and adaptability.
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    A discussion on resources status of Myxocyprinus asiaticus(Bleeker) and their conservation and the recovery
    ZHANG Chunguang, ZHAO Yahui, KANG Jinggui
    2000, 15 (2):  155-159.  doi: 10.11849/zrzyxb.2000.02.012
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    Myxocyprinus asiaticus(Bleeker) is a kind of endemic species of fish in China.The fish is only distributed naturally in Changjiang(Yangtze) and Minjiang Rivers,but the stock of the fish distributed in Minjiang River may be disappeared at present.The population of the fish living in Changjiang River has gone down quickly in the past two or three decades.The fish has been designated by the state as the second rank of aquatically protected animals,but its stock in Changjiang River has been less than two Chinese sturgeons,Acipenser sinensis and A.dabrynus,designated by the state as the first rank of aquatically protected animals.The reasons accountable for the decline of the fish resources are due to the low reproduction capacity and the long development time of the fish,overfishing and water pollution.The return of the individuals cultured is one of the main measures to recover the natural resources of Myxocyprinus asiaticus.
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    An approach to the designing principle of desertification indicators
    SUN wu, NAN Ahongren, LI Bao sheng, ZHAN Bo
    2000, 15 (2):  160-163.  doi: 10.11849/zrzyxb.2000.02.013
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    Desertification index system plays an important role in desertification research,as indicating both the level of dynamic mechanism of desertification and the contribution to the rehabilitaition of desertified land.Firstly,the problems concerning the selection,acquisition,quantification and checking about index are evaluated according to the criterion of standardization,simplicity and practicability.Then,the approach is made to the relationship between ecological base plane and indicators.Finally,based on the view that the establishment of ecological base plane is fundamental to ideal index system in the desertification monitoring and assessment,three principles to design index system are put foreward,which are respectively zonation,scale and landscape.
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    Landscape pattern design and wildlife conservation in nature reserve—Case study of Wolong Nature Reserve
    CHEN Liding,FU Bojie,LIU Xuehua
    2000, 15 (2):  164-169.  doi: 10.11849/zrzyxb.2000.02.014
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    Establishing nature reserve is one of the most effective measures for protecting bio diversity and endangered species.However,the purpose of establishing nature reserve with degenerated natural species usually failed to reach due to irrational spatial arrangement of the reserves.The case study of Wolong Nature Reserve presented in this study indicates some practical methods on design of functional units of a nature reserve.Before landscape element design is carried out,it is necessary to conduct landscape suitability evaluations,based on which core patches,buffer areas and corridors can be designed.(a)Design of core patches will consider both landscape suitability and patch size that can accommodate certain number species.(b)While designing buffer areas,it is better to enable the buffer areas cover all the core patches as well as the affecting distance to certain species.(c)Two cases should be clearified: the existing corridors which have to be protected strictly;and the potential corridors that can become a practical corridor for gene exchange between different habitats by rehabilitating vegetation.
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    A study of crop yield estimation model based on remote sensing information and crop photosynthesis
    ZHANG Jiahua,WANG Changyao,FU Congbin
    2000, 15 (2):  170-174.  doi: 10.11849/zrzyxb.2000.02.015
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    Considering the parameters of remote sensing information and plant eco physiological characteristics,the crop yield estimation model was set up based on remote sensing information and plant photosynthesis model.Among them,Absorbed Photosynthetic Active Radiation(APAR),Crop Photosynthetic Assimilation Potential(CPAP) reflecting crop photosynthetic time,and photosynthetic rate were calculated by remote sensing information and meteorological data.In the typical regional research area,the model has been applied to study regional crop yield distributions and the result shows the model has better precision.
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    A study on photo-temperature mode and its application for the Tarim Basin
    MA zhifu, TAN Fang, XIONG Jianguo
    2000, 15 (2):  175-179.  doi: 10.11849/zrzyxb.2000.02.016
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    The photo temperature mode built up for Tarim Basin can predict sunshine duration and winter(January)and summer(July)average temperature of each net point in no data area of the region.Based upon which,different design values of the probability of the above mentioned elements of the various meteorological stations in the Basin were predicted by using extreme value distribution and normal distribution probabilistic mode derived from applied statistics.It is thus for the first time that the sunshine duration and temperature distribution law of the Tarim Basin got revealed.This mode provides effective scientific basis for the overall planning of the petroleum industry,major engineering projection and rational allocation of agriculture of the Tarim Basin.
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    Study on the resourceful property of coal fly ash and the applied technology to pavement engineering
    LIU Shengyong,ZHANG Quanguo,YANG Qunfa,ZHANG Xiangfeng
    2000, 15 (2):  180-183.  doi: 10.11849/zrzyxb.2000.02.017
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    Based on the study of technological parameters of coal fly ash in laboratories,the influencing regularity of different ingredients and forms of coal fly ash on its resourceful property was disclosed.The optimum experiment for geting rid of carbon harmfulness to resourceful property of coal fly ash was initially finished.The coopera ting rate of decarbonized coal fly ash concrete was researched and used to fulfil the pavement repair work.The result shows that decarbonized coal fly ash can obviously improve the working property of the concrete.Both practical road conveyance and technological function can satisfy the demands of pavement engineering.Both the economic and environmental benefit is enormous.
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    Discussion on cellar disposition model of cellar irrigated agriculture and it's high efficient utilization
    JIANG Dingsheng
    2000, 15 (2):  184-188.  doi: 10.11849/zrzyxb.2000.02.018
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    In accordance with rapidly developed cellar irrigated agriculture on Loess Plateau,three cellar disposition models,i.e.cellars on hill tops,“grape bunch" pattern of cellars along the road and cellars distributed in field,yard and concave land,were put forward.In order to increase utilization efficiency of rain water resource collected by cellars,four high efficient utilization techniques,namely,automatic pressure micro irrigation,pump driven external pressure micro irrigation,pit irrigation and water manure cave irrigation were recommended.
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    Review of the study on rainwater catchment and utilization
    LIU Xiaoyong,WU Pute
    2000, 15 (2):  189-193.  doi: 10.11849/zrzyxb.2000.02.019
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    Because of drought,population growth,contamination of surface water and groundwater,people have become interested in exploration and utilization of rainwater resource.And then extensive studies were carried out and greet potential displayed initially.The authors analyzed and summarized the recent development of rainwater catchment and utilization,covering the following aspects: the techniques of rainwater harvesting,storage and utilization,influence of rainwater utilization on regional environment,evaluation of rainwater resource and estimation of benefits from rainwater utilization.At the same time,the pressing problems that must be resolved at present were put forward.
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    The status and production of green feed,and progress in its research
    HU Yuegao, LI Zhijian, ZHAO Huanhuan, ZENG Zhaohai
    2000, 15 (2):  194-196.  doi: 10.11849/zrzyxb.2000.02.020
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    The status of the green feed in China and the basic model of Chinese green feed production have been analysed.From the research of the cultivating techniques of forage rye,forage rye processing techniques and the forage rye production system eva luation,it offered an idea for the industrialization of green feed production in China.
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