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Research on Rural Energy Consumption Pattern Based on Farmers' Livelihood: A Case Study in Jinsixia Rural Tourist Destination

LI Xin, YANG Xin-jun, CHEN Jia, WU Wen-heng   

  1. College of Urban and Environment, Northwest University, Xi'an 710127, China
  • Received:2014-07-22 Revised:2014-11-14 Published:2015-03-23


According to the sustainable livelihood theory, a research idea of “rural tourism development-farmers' livelihood changes-optimization of rural energy consumption in mountainous rural tourism destination” is established in this paper. Taking Jinsixia rural tourist destination as an example, the transformation of the livelihood, energy consumption patterns and comprehensive benefits of energy consumption are analyzed. Firstly, through household surveys and interviews, the local farmer households were divided into five types by the energy consumption-livelihood diversity model. Secondly, based on the energy consumption diversity model and benefits evaluation method, the energy consumption structures and comprehensive benefits of farmers who have different types of livelihood strategies are interpreted. Thirdly, with the method of grey correlation analysis, the study identifies the main livelihood capital factors that affect the farmers' energy consumption, and summarizes the driving mechanism of the transformation of farmers' energy consumption patterns. The results are as following: 1) Farmers' livelihood diversity level has an impact on the energy consumption diversity level, the latter will raise as the former goes up inside the non-tourism enterprises and tourism enterprises. 2) Compared with the farmers who are not engaged in tourism, the commercial energy consumption of farmers who are engaged in tourism increases significantly, which reflects the fact that the tourism causes the increase of new energy, the decrease of traditional energy consumption, and speeds the optimization and commercialization of farmers' energy consumption patterns. 3) There is a sharp distinction in energy consumption comprehensive benefits among different types of farmers, that the energy consumption comprehensive benefits of farmers who are engaged in tourism (16.96 yuan/kgce) are significantly greater than the farmers who are not engaged in tourism (13.53 yuan/kgce), which indicates that the former benefits more from the energy consumption. 4) Physical capital, human capital and financial capital are the main factors that affect the farmers' energy consumption pattern. Farmers' livelihood change which is brought by the tourism development is the important driver leading to the energy consumption transformation in rural tourism destination. To further improve the environmental policy and optimize the energy utilization, this paper puts forward the corresponding countermeasures and suggestions.

Key words: energy consumption pattern, grey correlation analysis, Jinsixia, farmers' livelihood diversity

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