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Research on the Water Resource Security and Its Temporal-Spatial Distributions of Yunnan Province, China

LIU Bin-tao, TAO He-ping, KONG Bo, HE Bing   

  1. Institute of Mountain Hazards and Environment, CAS, Chengdu 610041, China
  • Received:2012-02-03 Revised:2013-08-22 Online:2014-03-20 Published:2014-03-20


Water resource security is one of the core issues in resource and environment security and capacity in mountain areas. However, the model of water resource security assessment is still under-explored. Aiming at the current situation of water resource utilization and its temporal-spatial distributions in Yunnan Province, this paper establishes the index system for integration assessment on water resource security, and the analytic hierarchy process (AHP) method was used to compute the weights of the index system. So, a regional water resource security assessment model for Yunnan Province which could also be applied to other mountain areas was constructed. The result showed that water resources were unevenly distributed in time and space in Yunnan Province. Especially, the situation of water resources shortages is very serious in the central part where the conditions for social and economic development are better. Taking Kunming city for example, the water resources amount per capita was only 611 m3 under the assuring rate of 95%. The result of the assessment of water resources security showed that the difference was obvious in different place. The situation is better in south and southwest of Yunnan Province, but worse in the eastern part. The water resources security situation of Zhaotong city which is located in the northeastern part of the province is most serious, and the water resources security index is only 0.24, occupying 55.68% of the average value of Yunnan. Additionally, the Yi Autonomous Prefecture of Chuxiong which is located in central Yunnan Province has also a serious water shortage situation, mainly because of the climate of dry-hot valley. Water resources amount is the most important factor in water resources security in Yunnan Province, and the water shortages resulting from lack of water conservancy and drought is also very important in Yunnan Province. So, the following measures should be taken to enhance the resistance to drought and shortage of water resources capacity, such as strengthening the construction of water conservancy project, focusing on resolving the difficult problems in drinking water of people and large live stocks, improving farmland drought and flood insurance rate, paying attention to water environmental protection and development, and raising the utilization efficiency of water resources.

Key words: water resource, water resource security, Yunnan Province

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