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Evaluation of the Grassland Ecosystem Services of the Haihe River Basin,China

FANG Yu, OUYANG Zhi-yun, XIAO Yi, ZHENG Hua, XU Wei-hua, BAI Yang, JIANG Bo   

  1. Research Center for Eco-Environmental Sciences, CAS, Beijing 100085, China
  • Received:2011-01-07 Revised:2011-05-11 Online:2011-10-20 Published:2011-10-20

Abstract: Grassland ecosystems not only provide productions such as livestock products and plant resources, but also support people’s lives. People always focus on the production function, while neglecting the life-supporting function. In this research, we use the classification method of Millennium Ecosystem Assessment, that is to divide the ecosystem services into four groups of provisioning, regulating, cultural, and supporting services, and take 2005 as the base year for all types of assessment. Based on the analyses of the grassland ecosystem services of the Haihe River Basin, this study establishes the assessment indexes system and develops economic value assessment using different methods, such as market valuation method, shadow engineering and so on. The result shows that the total economic values of 8 services of grassland ecosystem is 221.628 billion yuan. Among them, provisioning service has the largest value, followed by carbon fixation and nutrients conservation, accounting for 31.3%,26.8% and 22.2% of the total value respectively. This evaluation is conducive to the development, utilization and protection of the grassland resources and can play a guidance role in the management of the grassland ecosystem in the study area. It points out that carbon fixation and oxygen release, nutrients conservation and other life-supporting functions should not be neglected while protecting the local provisioning service to support the economic development, so as to achieve the coordination between the socio-economic development and ecological protection in the Haihe River Basin.

Key words: grassland ecosystems, ecosystem services, economic value, Haihe River Basin

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