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The Study of Agricultural Land Resource's Total Valuein Hubei Province

CAI Yin-ying, LI Xiao-yun, ZHANG An-lu   

  1. College of Land Management, Huazhong Agricultural University, Wuhan 430070, China
  • Received:2006-04-12 Revised:2006-09-18 Online:2007-02-25 Published:2007-02-25

Abstract: Agricultural land plays an important multi-dimensional role on human being.It provides not only food and fiber,but also various non-market commodities with characteristics of externalities or public goods.For example,agricultural land provides a variety of important environmental and social services including climate benefits,wildlife habitat,waste treatment,recreational opportunities,and food security.However,traditional economists` attention is mostly drawn on the market value of agricultural production.And the non-market values of agricultural land resource usually are ignored.Because most of these services are public goods,the non-market values of agricultural land preservation cannot be directly obtained from the market.So estimating the whole values of agricultural land has become a focus of the field of resource and environmental economics.The whole value of agricultural land includes two parts of market value and non-market value.The market value of agricultural land is the net return from agricultural production.The non-market value originates from the utility that arises from people's willingness to pay to preserve agricultural land resource,which has emerged as the most important non-use or passive use value associated with environmental resources.It is very important to evaluate the total value of agricultural land resource.On the one hand,it can provide a scientific basis for rural-urban land conversion decision-making,and also decrease the risk of high quality agricultural land loss.On the other hand,evaluating the value of agricultural land can reinforce and perfect in the content of agricultural land grade,providing the important function for agricultural land management.Based on random sampling,the total value of different types of agricultural land was evaluated by income approach and contingent valuation method in Hubei province.It is showed that nowadays,the total non-market value of agricultural land is 2514.88 hundred million yuan,which including cultivated land,horticultural land,forest and wetland,almost equal to 39.86% of the GDP of Hubei province in 2004.Among that,the total value of cultivated land is 11398.77 hundred million yuan,and the proportion of non-market value in cultivated land resource value is 8.27%.The total values of horticultural land and wetlands` total value are 3715.27 and 10192.81 hundred million yuan in Hubei province,and their proportion of non-market value is 13.64% and 5.48%,respectively.The total non-market value of forests is 506.35 hundred million yuan,with a non-market value of almost 6407yuan per ha.Therefore,the non-market value is an important part of agricultural land resource value.The non-market value of different ecotypes of agricultural land is inversely correlated with the abundance of local agricultural land resources.The more abundant the agricultural land resource,the lower its proportion of non-market value in whole value,and the vice versa.

Key words: agricultural land resource, market value, non-market value, income approach, contingent valuation method(CVM), Hubei province

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