JOURNAL OF NATURAL RESOURCES ›› 2006, Vol. 21 ›› Issue (3): 401-407.doi: 10.11849/zrzyxb.2006.03.009

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Study on the Change of Energy Consumption Structure in China

GUAN Wei-hua1, GU Chao-lin1, LIN Zhen-shan2   

  1. 1. Department of Urban and Resources Sciences,Nanjing University,Nanjing 210093,China;
    2. College of Geographic Sciences,Nanjing Normal University,Nanjing 210097,China
  • Received:2005-10-08 Revised:2005-12-07 Online:2006-06-25 Published:2006-06-25

Abstract: The energy problem has been one of the important problems affecting the suitable development of socioeconomic in China.The change of the energy consumption structure not only accelerates the economic development,but also closely relates with the suitable development of national economy.In view of the simulation and prediction of total energy supply and demand in China,there is a great gap,thus it is necessary to reduce energy consumption and transit energy consumption structure.Based on the dynamics theory,this paper sets up a forecast model of energy supply and demand in China,and forecasts the energy consumption structure.The research shows that this model can preferably simulate and predict that,in China's energy consumption structure,the consumption rate of coal will decrease,while the rates of water and electricity,natural gas and petroleum will increase,especially the status of petroleum will ascend in the energy consumption structure.Thus,the problem about petroleum affecting the suitable development of socioeconomy in China will become more and more prominent.From the change of the energy consumption proportion in each department since the recent 10 years,the percentage of residential and primary industrial energy consumption descended a little,the percentage of tertiary industry energy consumption ascended,and the consumption proportion of energy for industrial production has been in the highest flight all along.Therefore,it is necessary to adjust the industry structure,reduce the percentage of industry with high energy consumption and depress the high-speed growth of energy consumption with the tertiary industry increasing quickly,so as to ensure energy consumption increase in a suitable speed.As for the balance of supply and demand of petroleum,on the one hand it is needed to improve the use efficiency and regulate the industrial structure;on the other hand it is necessary to take effective measure to reduce petroleum consumption in the tertiary industry.

Key words: energy, consumption structure, dynamic model, China