JOURNAL OF NATURAL RESOURCES ›› 2006, Vol. 21 ›› Issue (3): 382-391.doi: 10.11849/zrzyxb.2006.03.007

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Indicators and Comprehensive Appraisal System for Saving Society

LIU Xiao-jie1,2, SHEN Lei1   

  1. 1. Institute of Geographic Sciences and Natural Resource Research,CAS,Beijing 100101,China;
    2. Graduate School of Chinese Academy of Sciences,Beijing 100049,China
  • Received:2005-01-19 Revised:2006-01-24 Online:2006-06-25 Published:2006-06-25

Abstract: Saving society(SS) is based on the premise of satisfying human's needs.Conse-quently,the saving idea could be linked to every field in our society in which fewer resources are used to produce more economical benefits and societal benefits,whilist realizing sustainable development.Apparently,there are some characters here about SS,for example,saving resources being the basic national policy;recycling economy becoming economically developmental model;a harmonious and steady society being built;science advancement and technology innovation being closely depened;and more friendly environment being realized. As a complex system,SS is composed of five sub-systems in resources,economy,society,technology and environment,which will be interacted and interdependent.Therefore the process for establishing a SS is to realize a highly harmonious system by which it can finally realize the reasonable use of resources,economic development,social advancement,technological progress and environmental conservation. Comprehensive appraisal for SS of China is carried out in this article based on the characters of SS and state situation of China.It can quantatively estimate the level of establishing SS and the developmental trend in each sub-system or compare them with each other.According to the design principles of indicator system,some principles,such as scientific,operable,entire,comparable,dynamic,are adopted and the comprehensive indicators and appraisal system of SS is given in the article,which is made up of four layers,five subsystems and 39 indicators.Then we set up two indicators here to evaluate the area,one is saving indiccator of developing:V=ωiXi,the other is saving indicator of coordinating:U=1-/.The method of entropy-value is used to help decide the weights of all indicators.According to the score of the appraisal indicators,the situation of SS can be divided into 25 situations,namely S1,S2,S3,...,S24,S25.On the basis of the indicators system,we put forward demonstration analysis on the data of 1990-2004 and concluded that during these years China was mainly in the stage of S16,S17 or S18,meanwhile in the future there will be a long way to go for China to realize its saving society.

Key words: saving society, comprehensive appraisal, indicator system, the method of entropy-value, saving indicator of developing, saving indicator of coordinating